Nollywood Blogs | 27 March 2010 03:50 CET

She Can’t Cook, Bad Home Manager, Lives On Pills To Be Childfree


What is the use of having a woman who doesn't know how to cook my food properly? It is so bad that if I don't go out, I give my mother or sisters money to make my food. I have tried to make her change but she is very adamant, preferring to do what she likes.

She goes to fast food joints to buy food, garnish it for me to eat. Because I have stopped complaining as well as attempts to make her learn, she has started accusing me of having girlfriends. This prompted her to come to my office to disgrace one of my female colleagues she thought I was dating. But for the benevolence of my boss who has natural likeness and respect for me, I would have been sacked. He covered up the whole incident. Also my female colleague is a very matured mind, didn't take offence at all.

The same cannot be said of my neighbour she accused of trying to break her home. It was a real show of shame as this woman descended on my wife and gave her the beating of a lifetime. It became a Police matter prompting the landlord to give me quit notice.

I have complained to her parents who have severally tried to talk sense into her head. The father, a very forthright man, right in my presence heaped the entire blame on my mother-in-law that he indicted for not teaching her daughters the right things to do as a woman.

He has kept pleading with me to be patient and even suggested she goes for some cooking lessons.

There are several things in the house she doesn't know how to do. It is just that I have decided, for the sake of peace, to ignore these things. I have also deliberately kept my family out of this, because I know what my mother is capable of, if given the free reign, to interfere.

But at every point, I kept meeting with disappointment. We have been married for two years with no child. One would have expected her to be the anxious one, but she isn't. And because I didn't want to get her worried I refused to dwell on the matter only for me to discover that my wife who should be worried is actually on birth control pills. When I discovered the pills where she hid them on the side of her wardrobe when I was looking for a wrapper to cover her up during the fight with my neighbour, she didn't deny it, insisting she wasn't ready to be a mother now. Shouldn't I be informed over such an important matter? This has really shattered me and as well make me doubt her motive for marrying me. Would a woman in love with her husband be this callous and adamant?

Agatha, I don't know what to make of all these. I am nearing my wits exhaustion in this marriage. I really don't know if I still love her or not.

Please help me because right now I feel like ending it all. Because of her peace seems to have deserted me completely. I don't want to die before my time.


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