Nollywood Glamour | 20 March 2010 10:05 CET

Show me your backside


THE hottest trend among ladies now is backless? Yes, backless; in the sense that the outfit reveals partly or fully, the back of the wearer.

A dress with an open back is surely going to attract attention, especially when it is worn at a wedding reception or any social engagement.

But if you know you don't have an attractive back, especially if you have spots, please don't even try it.

Simple rule of fashion says that you must wear what comes out fine on you, not the other person.

Tips for backless

• When going backless, look out for balance. Since you're exposing your back, high necks are a way of maintaining balance; longer lengths are a plus, while sleeves can add just the hint of modesty you need.

• If your back is bare, please make sure your 'girls' are covered.

• If you wear a low cut front along with a bare back, you could easily be considered a promiscuous person. So, the best is a boat neck front with a huge surprise when you turn around.

• Carefully consider the type of bra you plan to wear. If you are the type that goes out without a bra, then see yourself as blessed as far as this outfit is concerned. If you must wear one, be sure to get that perfect type that isn't going to hang out. The lowest you can go is mid back, that way; it will fall right below where your bra will normally be. This is where the invincible bras come in. An option is the relatively modern backless bra. There are straps, but no back strap. This makes it easier for you to have support without showing the straps.

• Another important rule is to stand up tall and refrain from slouching when wearing a backless dress. In fact, don't wear one if you are uncomfortable in it. Once you have it on, be proud and confident.

• When posing for pictures lift your back, tighten you abdomen, and casually cross your legs.
If you can keep these rules, then go right ahead and bare that gorgeous back, lady.

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