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I love flashy colours, no skinny jeans for me, pls’ ---Adebola Adams


BORN on May 5, 1988, Ibrahim Adebola Adams is one of the presenters of Excite on TV. The Ibefun, Ogun State native attended Ronik International School, and rounded off his primary education at t Teammate Children school. He had his secondary education at Lagos State Civil Service Senior Model College, Ikorodu, before moving to the University of Lagos, to study Civil Engineering. Along the line, he realised that engineering wasn't his way, so, he delved into broadcasting and event went to a school of broadcasting. Adams, who was an housemate at The Next Movie Star show last year, is also a model. In a chat with DAMILOLA ADEKOYA, he reveals what fashion means to him.

Family background

I'm from a family of five, and I'm the last. My dad retired as a senior accountant at the Nigeria Ports Authority; and my mum also worked there, but she did a whole lot of the business thing. She also has a fish farm.

Definition of fashion

It is a state of creativity. It is what makes you feel comfortable.

Style of dressing

Though I make it as a simple as possible, you may find rings, hand bands and chains on me but mostly, beads. I love it so much.

Favourite piece of clothing

It's my hand band; you will never catch me without it!

Favorite colour (s)

I love flashy colours, but I think I like green and white because green represents nature and white for holiness

Turn on

I'm always turned on, when my parents are happy, but when they are sad; it affects whatever it is that concerns me.

Turn off

I hate liars and people who are not real. I hate assertive people, I don't like them, they turn me off.

What can you not be found wearing?

I think skinny jeans. It's in vogue though, but I will never wear it!

Favourite food

I love pounded yam and draw soup. I also like Indomie because it's the only food I can manage to eat when I fall ill.

Describe yourself in three words

Crazy, God-fearing and dedicated.


Music inspires me really! For instance, when I'm going to cover an event, and I'm getting close to the venue, I listen to music, and it makes
me deliver better.

Happiest momen

It was the day I made it to the house of the next movie star; I was dead happy.

Most Embarrassing moment(s)

The day I entered a supermarket to buy some things. I was all dressed up, feeling like a big dude. I finished the shopping and went to the counter to ask for my bills, in the process of paying for the bills, I actually found out that I forgot my wallet at home. I used my phone to stand in for the goods and quickly rushed back home, to get it. I came back and even bought more things, but really, I was so embarrassed.

Most cherished possession

That's my face. I think it's my money. I will also say my voice.

Most expensive item

The pair of jewelry my sister bought for me; it's pretty expensive.

Favourite designer(s)

I love Climass, but I respect Mako Matinez and Mai. Internationally, I love Huwes and Curties and TM Lewin and maybe, Adidas.

If you were given an opportunity to change something in Nigeria, what would it be?

First of all, I will change our leaders, however, I think leadership starts from we the people. I will like to have an orientation exercise for we Nigerians in totality, so that we could actually love one another like we supposed to.

Projection into the future

For me, the best is yet to come because I learn everyday.

Philosophy of life

Life is like a market, when you are through with it, you'll go back, meaning going back to God. You need to be the best you can and live
everyday like it is your last!

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