City Flame | 9 February 2024 16:53 CET

BBNaija Doyin Goes Viral For Losing Simple Questions

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Doyin David, a former BBNaija housemate broke the heart of many netizens as she failed to answer some basic current affairs questions.

The former BBNaija star was quizzed on channels television show, ‘Morning Brief’. She was asked basic questions which many are surprised that she could not provide answers to.

The reality star was asked on how many terms the president ruled for and she was not sure of the answer. She even asked if it was for four years or eight years which has stunned many Netizens.

She was also asked the name of the Inspector General of Police and she replied that she has no idea on who he is.

The bone breaker of the quiz was when she was asked about Nigeria's Nobel Laureate, shockingly, she could not give an answer to the question. She said;“Again, I do not know. I am in entertainment. Ask me about entertainment.”

However, she later gave an answer to the question after being given a tip by the interviewer.

Many Netizens online have reacted to the quiz, some supported her, while many criticized the lack of intelligence on the part of Big brother Naija's housemate.

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