General News | 9 June 2023 21:11 CET

Meet A Lady Who Drank Hypo After Her Boyfriend Dissolves Their Relationship

By Agboola Ibrahim

A lady is already trending on social media after a video of her drinking hypo hit the internet.

The lady took to her Tiktok to make a video of herself drinking hypo because her boyfriend broke up with her.

Notably, hypo is an acidic bleaching chemical that is used for washing white clothes.

It is however unfortunate that this unidentified lady intends to take her own life by drinking the poisonous liquid on the claim that she was betrayed.

In the video she shared, she captioned with an expression of bewilderment about how it feels when betrayed by one's partner.

There is yet to be a report on her current medical state after drinking a sachet of Hypo.

She wrote;
“How do y’all feel after brokering [sic] someone’s heart”

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