Nollywood Affairs | 4 February 2023 21:35 CET

At Last! Mr Ibu And His Wife Reconciles

By Agboola Ibrahim

After days of heated disagreement between Popular Nollywood actor, Mr Ibu and his second wife, Stella Okafor, they are reported to have hit a reconciliation.

Past few days, Mr Ibu has been making headline on a matter bordering on his marital clash with his second wife.

Recall that Mr Ibu's second wife, Stella Okafor aroused confusion on social media when she claimed that the actor’s daughter Jasmine isn’t his biological daughter but his girlfriend. This claim was however accompanied by several other allegations.

The matter became apparent to the public the moment Mr Ibu had a live conversation on Instagram with Daddy Freeze.

In the live conversation on Instagram Mr Ibu disclosed that things have not been going smoothly between him and his wife for quite some days.

He also revealed that they had to go to the police station to resolve the underlying issue and were instructed by the police not to publicize anything till the matter has been settled. But, immediately after they left the station, his wife took to her social media to say malicious things about him.

However, over the claim that Jasmine is the actor's girlfriend, Mr Ibu's second son spoke on behalf of his father to refute such demoralizing statement. he discolosed that she is Mr Ibu's daughter and not his girlfriend as claimed by his second wife.

Also, Mr Ibu’s son Daniel Okafor who answered the question surrounding Jasmine’s identity said that she’s his adopted daughter and she had been adopted as a child.

Interestingly, a video surfaced on social media capturing Mr Ibu and his wife having romantic moment.

Gistlover shared the video on his official page with the caption:

We won 💪💪💪🙌🙌🙌Mr Ibu is back home , where are the wailers association, I get bucket for una ooo, una go full the bucket..

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