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"Bobrisky And Lie 5&6" Reaction As Bobrisky Claims To Receive 1m From A Man For Appreciation Of Her Beauty

By Agboola Ibrahim

Reaction has been trolling on social media immediately Popular Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju better known as Bobrisky in a post claims that a man transferred to his account N1 million to appreciate her beauty.

The social media influencer took to his Snapchat account to share a screenshot of the credit alert which showed that he sent the money to himself.

Interestingly, In the post, Bobrisky said the man requested his account details and sent the N1 million to appreciate his beauty.

According to her, the man said he does not want anything in return.

Bobrisky wrote, “Someone just sent me 1,000,000 here. He said send me your account am sending you money just to appreciate ur BEAUTY. He said he didn’t want anything from me thou. Awwww my type of men, B**ch i just collected 1 million for looking pretty. That’s some of you hater money for runs to spend weekend in a man house. B**ch learn from BOBRISKY.”

Nevertheless, following several reactions particularly on this matter, a follower has asserted that Bobrisky is synonymous to telling lies. He completely objected to her claim that a man sent her money to appreciate her beauty.

The fan who is identified as Oluwakemi maintained that her revelation is nothing but falsehood. Her words read "Bobrisky and lie 5&6😂."

Other reactions are below;
iamnasboi: Na your people my brother. I can’t even appreciate your handsomeness talk more of your beauty.

teenuola: Lmaoo wait is it that nobody can see the details in the alert text? From Okuneye Idris to Bobrisky lol.

officialbobbyfredrick__: From Bob Uba to risky zenith bank 🥴🥴🥴.

useful_herbs: It’s strange, is bob d*umb or just trying to chase clout? Because the alert shows send from Idris okuneye (himself) to bob risky (herself) lol

otunba_mathew_obafemi: Is this not a mental disorder. A man who thinks he is a woman. Sent money “man-self” to “woman-self” and thought it was from another person. Doctors in the house, what is the name of Bob mental illness?

fredycj: She’s really taking care of himself.

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