Hot Issues | 26 February 2015 13:30 CET

Pentecostal Pastors are Scammers…Charly Boy Attacks

Controversial singer and social crusader, Chales Oputa aka Charly Boy, has tongue lashed pastors especially the Pentecostal leaders whom he says are scammers.

According to the singer who is also known as the Area Fada, stated that a large portion of these pastors are not well educated because they feel that a certificate is not needed to attain the pastoral position. observed that what triggered anger in the mind of the social crusader was the alarming trend of the demand of money by these pastors in the house of God which is actually mearnt for the salvation and grace for human.

According to him, “I think that most unstable people are attracted to Pentecostalism because of its irrationality and it condones insane and inappropriate behavior such as screaming, shouting, running, wailing, hopping, and other such things where very troubled people could fit right in and indulge their theatrics for attention. Yes o.”

Speaking further, “I think a large proportion of Pentecostal pastors are scammers, some mentally/emotionally unstable, many of them half educated because there is no requirement for rigorous scholarship to become a Pentecostal pastor. I understand that the level of education one has is not a determinant of mental/emotional stability, and that intelligent people can also be unstable; I am just speaking in general terms and trends.”

“Don't become a spiritual slave to a scam artiste. All the pastors use bible and their life experience as modem for everybody. An alarming trend is the high level of demand for money in place of grace and salvation for eternal life in heaven: everything is for here and now, so that the more money you give to God through his agent the better off you are and the closer to God you will be. There also seems to be a lot of idolatry and mental enslavement in this movement and it's ripe for dissing by people who are true Christians,” he noted.

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