Hot Issues | 4 January 2023 23:07 CET

“Nobody Can Bring Me Down" Nollywood Actress Speaks Amidst Tension Surrounding Nude Saga

By Agboola Ibrahim

Actress Empress is making headline following her nude saga. She has taken to her social media to speak about her state of mind arising from the the tension surrounding her nude saga.

Nevertheless, Actress Empress Njamah sent a message of thanks to those who supported her amidst her trending saga with her ex-fiancé. The Empress in a video showed a smile on her face as she said that she is alive and doing well, adding that she now has her freedom.Since then, many of the actress’s fans and supporters have taken to social media to applaud her while sending her messages of goodwill.

However, it will be recalled that Josh Wade, the estranged fiance of actress, Empress Njamah hours ago released her nude videos and reportedly created a WhatsApp group where he added multiple people and began posting private videos of Empress.

The estranged fiance posted several videos he took of her in her house, some of which were videos of her taking a bath.

Now speaking out, Empress Njamah has assured her fans that she is very fine and alive.

“nobody can bring me down, I’m alive, love you guys for all the love, support, and messages, I’m alive, i spoke many ladies hiding in situations as this but i spoke out and I’m alive””

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