General News | 25 December 2022 13:33 CET

Imagine! Actor Discloses How Betrayal Forced Him Out Of Church

By Agboola Ibrahim

Timini Egbuson, a popular Nollywood actor has in a solemn note disclosed how prentences and betrayal from the church he grew compelled him to make a bow out of a place of worship.

Timini Egbuson during an interview on the podcast tagged “Lilian’s Coach” hosted by actress Lilian Afegbai said he left church because the church itself betrayed him.

According to him, he was a church boy who used to preach in the main churches when he was a teenager. He disclosed that as time went on, he realized that the church was full of pretenders. He disclosed that he decided to find God and have a personal relationship with him.

In his words, “I feel like me and God have a personal relationship. I’ve been betrayed by the church in the past. Like, I was a full church boy. In my teenage years, I used to preach in the main church on Sundays. Everything you think I have now in terms of swag and whatever, it was in church that I learned it.

Then I went to some other churches. But I just realized that there are a lot of pretenses. And I know it’s not a reason to stop going to Church. So basically you know, it’s just a thing where I was just like okay let me find this man called God on my own. And that’s what we are doing right now...”

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