General News | 11 December 2022 18:16 CET

Strange Beings Bit Me After My Part In Movies - Yoruba Actor Discloses

By Agboola Ibrahim

Yoruba actor Adewale Alebiosu popularly called Awo Loji and renowned for the priest character he takes in movies has come out to narrate his ordeal after roles as a herbalist.

Recall that he debunked some the rumor that he was a traditionalist some months ago. This rumor is speculated based on the roles he takes in movies. He thereafter declared that he is a Christian who was born into a Muslim home.

In a recent interview with BBC Yoruba, Alebiosu revealed the effect of the incarnation he spewed in movies. He Revealed how strange things disturb his sleep after the roles he took in movies as a herbalist. He said he was just doing his job as an actor, that he never knew the incantations he was reciting could come to haunt him in real life.

Alebiosu words read, “I never knew there was so much more to the incantations I was delivering. I thought I was just delivering my lines, not knowing there are repercussions to follow. Whenever I get home after the act, while I sleep I would see some strange beings and some would turn to goats and start biting me.”

Alebiosu warned that the coming generation who wants to play the role of a Babalawo should be very careful and be ready to be prayerful. According to him, the role requires all sorts of precautions.

“I’m saying this to warn them so that they don’t end up regretting their lives or ending up miserably,” he said.

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