Hot Issues | 7 October 2022 12:04 CET

Actor States Reasons Men Should Be Praised

By Agboola Ibrahim

Actor Gideon Okeke has called on the society to give more accolades to the male folk because of the amount of endowed women they overlook on a regular basis.

He revealed that men are faced with a lot visual temptations in the virtual and real world because of how sexually appealing a lot of women have deliberately chosen to appear. Therefore he believes any man capable of withstanding such temptations needs to be applauded.

"we have to give it up to the men! We really do o. Cos the rate at which ny*sh is on free display on social media eh, na man be the victim here o. Everyone has to be thankful for the grace of stepping out and coming back home safe. Everyone. But some have to be (specially) Thankful for their grace of their man owning a phone and yet staying sane... It's crazy out there! And you don't have to "be out there" to get crazy"

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