General News | 4 October 2022 09:57 CET

The Sight Of A Poor Boy Humbles Nollywood Actress

By Agboola Ibrahim

Popular actress, Stella Damasus becomes humbled and grateful to God after her encounter with a talented family who couldn’t fend for their basic needs.

She revealed how her encounter with a talented father and his son, who were begging for alms made her appreciate how fortunate she was for not being in their position.

" I came around to buy stuff in the store as I was driving I saw a man and his son playing music and they had the sign beside them is purpose parents and bills; we need your help. They were so good and talented. The music was so good and I looked at myself and I'm like I should be more grateful, more thankful to good that I don't have to stand and do all of that to beg to pay rent..."

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