Celebrity Picks | 4 October 2022 09:57 CET

"I'm Not Rich But My Father Is": Davido's Family Are Humble

By Agboola Ibrahim

Davido’s sister, Sharon, said that she's not rich but her father is. She stated this in her bid to respond to critics asking her why she works despite being raised by wealthy parents.

Sharon Adeleke revealed this In an Instagram video. In her revelation, Sharon affirmed that her father’s wealth was never hers to take, but rather a gift that got her the best education and the life she has.

Her words read, "I get a lot of people that walk up to me and say Sharon why do you even work? And I'm just even thinking for myself. So, I went to school, I have a Bsc, I have a masters degree and I have a brain but I shouldn't do anything because my father is wealthy. You know I went to school with British people... Where there are millionaires and one thing is common among all of them - they will never say they are rich. They will be like I'm not rich but my father. And honestly I really adopted that mindset. And for me I'm so happy that I did and I'm so grateful but I understand that these are gifts and I need to use this gift well and manage my money well."

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