Celebrity | 14 September 2022 10:14 CET

Wizkid's Fatherly Care To Son Stuns Fans

By Agboola Ibrahim

Wizkid in a video displayed utmost affection to his son, Tife which has fans talking.

Wizkid called Tife "a rock star" When Speaking of his son in a viral video.

As Wizkid chatted with the aide, and requested for to his son. Although the aide had earlier informed him that his son was asleep.

While the phone rang without Tife picking up, Biz Wiz’s aide made a case for the 11-year-old noting he was probably asleep.

“It’s past 7 now, it’s possible he’s sleeping,” he said.

But Wizkid laughing, said his son was certainly not asleep because he doesn’t sleep by 7 considering he’s a rock star.

The “Essence” singer stated: “He’s definitely not sleeping. Tife doesn’t sleep by 7 bruh! My son is a rock star! He’s a rock star bruh! I’m sure he’ll call me back. He’s probably doing something and not with his phone. I love that boy aii!”

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