Nollywood Glamour | 6 June 2009 06:22 CET

Britain’s Eryca Freemantle for Nollywood


Eryca Freemantle may not be a popular name in Nigeria, but in beauty circles abroad, she is a household name. She is one of the most sought-after-make up artists in the United Kingdom. Eryca is currently crossing borders with her creativity.

As the CEO of her brand, “Fact the Facts”, Eryca was in Lagos recently, where she hopes to bring her vast experience and knowledge to bear in the nation's make-up industry. Particularly, she has a penchant for training make-up artists at a superior level for the movie industry in the country.

“I am the only make-up artist in the UK who has an accredited and certified make- up training centre. I want to take the movie industry to the next level. My mission is not only to revolutionalise the beauty industry in Nigeria but importantly, to train make-up artists at a superior level for Nollywood,” she disclosed to HVP.

Eryca said each time she watched Nollywood films, she desired to boost the industry.

“Whenever I am privileged to watch Nollywood movies, I feel that my skill is needed to boost the industry. The finishing of the films in terms of costuming is not all that fantastic. I'm here to bring my skill and experience to bear in Nollywood and the make-up industry at large,” she explained.

Eryca was recently appointed by Sleek Make up International as its official make-up specialist and consultant for the UK, Nigeria, South Africa and East African territories.

She has taught make-up artistry for over 20 years. Her extensive make up portfolio of advertorial, editorial and exhibition work has been featured in a variety of publications, including British Vogue, Elle, Essence, The Face, I-D, Best magazine, Ms London and numerous other fashion magazines.

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