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Father and Son: The Experience holds in grand style

By Ifeanyi Ndukwe, The Nigerian Voice Entertainment

Do you recall our report on the highly anticipated 60th birthday of Femi Anikulapo Kuti and how he got a surprise gift from family ahead of its celebration.

Last Sunday, history was made when FK Management, an international events company owned by Funke Kuti, staged a breath-taking Afrobeat concert tagged ‘Father and Son: The Experience’.

Popular MC and comedian, Omo Baba 1 played host to the occasion. The concert also had performances by Olusegun and his Afrobeat band leaving several celebrities and attendees breathless and in awe.

As earlier reported in our last edition, the programme served as an opportunity to judiciously surprise the celebrant Femi Kuti with a rare saxophone as a birthday gift before he sets out on his seven-week American tour.

The expensive saxophone, a Limited Edition Selmer Paris Alto Supreme 2022, was made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first Selmer saxophone that was manufactured in 1922.

The saxophone was acquired by the family of the Afrobeat Legend led by his sister, Yeni Kuti, his son, Made Kuti, and a committee of family and friends.

Speaking on the reason for planning the surprise, Yeni Kuti aka YK Power said the family needed to celebrate Femi, who always puts others before him and is very hardworking.

“I set up a group and we came up with suggestions on what we should gift him as he turned 60. Some said a car, others said the saxophone. I decided on the saxophone. The reason for the sax is because his current saxophone is very old and has been giving him issues.

“The saxophone is about 20-something-years-old and he won’t change it. He would always give the excuse that he can’t afford it. I am so happy he’s turning 60 and we were able to make him happy with the gift,” she said.

His son Made revealed, "We planned the surprise because we all wanted to do something special for my father. He constantly goes out of his way for people, does so much self-sacrifice, is very selfless, and always thinking about his family and friends. He’s not a materialistic person, hence it was tough getting him a gift but I knew he had been having issues with his saxophone and he’s also very attached to it.

An elated Femi Kuti couldn’t hide his joy as the new expensive saxophone was presented to him by his family and friends.

“This as far as I am concerned is bigger than the Grammy. I can’t ask for more,” he said. “I felt they were planning something but thought maybe they’ll just surprise me with a cake. I was very shocked when I saw it. I’m very grateful to my family and friends.”

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