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Bold. Beautiful. Daring. It's Shaffy Bello in All Shades & Hues for TW’s Nov/Dec 2020 issue

By Nollywood Gists

For November/December 2020, Today’s Woman has a phenomenal issue. Not just because of its content which is packed with great subjects, but majorly because of its cover star – The Shaffy Bello!

“Aunty Shaffy”, as she’s fondly called by those who love and adore her, is a unique blend of parts. She’s a phenomenal actress whose on-screen persona is as distinctive as her real-life character; a remarkable mother who has raised 2 independent & conscious young adults; a daughter who you will find uniquely values the essence of parenting & family; and so much more.

In the issue, we get to understand her divorce, the many workings that make her who she is today and get a glimpse into the beautiful symbiotic relationship she has with her kids. It’s a tell-all that tells you exactly who Shaffy Bello is – an eagle whose wings are still spreading.

Here's a sneak peek;
On taking the 'Big Leap' and moving to Nigeria permanently

Years before I came back to Nigeria, I remember my Pastor sitting beside my husband and telling him 'you need to let her go to Nigeria'. Life just happened. My wings became too large. I had to fly. It was actually my (now) ex-husband that bought my ticket and I came to Nigeria for about a year. It was very rough.

On being 50
To me, 50 means confidence and being able to say no, being grounded. It is knowing what I want and what I don't want and being able to stay away from what I don't want without apologies. I am super happy and comfortable. I don't regret anything I have done so far. It has brought me here. The journey has been great. I am confident to say God's grace is upon me that anything I touch is not mediocre...

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