Celebrities Birthday | 9 October 2020 14:50 CET

Actress Queeneth Agbor speaks on having sex in public, shares sultry pictures on her birthday

By Nollywood Gists

Nollywood actress Queeneth Agbor has continued to gain recognition in the entertainment industry with her unique and amazing acting prowess. The actress who marked her birthday today with sultry photos also revealed her thoughts on public display of affections.

Reacting to the claim about lovers who often engage in sexual intercourse in an open setting, she said: "Sex for me is precious and not just something I want to do at any point and with anybody. No one in their normal sense would have sex in public even most Porn stars don't shoot their illicit videos in public."

The heavily endowed actress who recently set up a fashion store 'Akara_beauty' during the pandemic hit season revealed how she respond to attractions from men. " Men would always be men. I feel its a normal thing for a beautiful woman to get attention from the opposite sex. I have lose count number of times men walk up to me to tell me how much they love me. Some do argue its my boobs that attracts them but I feel beyond that, I have all the qualities of an average modern woman, " she said.

'Queeneth is not only talented but also beautiful' These new birthday photos added justice to the claim.

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