Interviews | 26 May 2020 18:38 CET

The Effects of COVID-19 on Industry: On LINE. Interview with UAE. Dubai Base Standup Comedian. Timimouth Ogbiti.

By Timothy Ogbiti

A Chat with Timothy Ogbiti A.K.A Timimouth, Standup Comedian. On how he is dealing with this health crisis, COVID-19. I know many of us look forward to when you re-open your doors and invite us back to enjoy the great entertainment you provide.

VICTOR: How had Covid19 affected your business and the industry as a whole?

TIMIMOUTH: Men, sadly i had to furlough all of my non-managerial teammates and close fans too. Excluding my comic colleagues and managers and we are all working independently in separate areas undertaking special Activities long referred to as “if I had time” tasks. I consider their roles essential because we have to try to protect our health, live style and relationship too, to ensure that they are maintained so that we can resume normal operations in the future. With respect to all my furloughed friends and those whom provide health insurance coverage, I will be paying 100% of required attention to all those who return once we are able to all Start normal activities again.

Victor: Wow that is disheartening. You are trying to keep your industry in great condition, dealing with distance, while trying to do everything you can to take care of your current AND furloughed fans. With all of these stressors, how do you stay optimistic during this time?

TIMIMOUTH: I am highly optimistic by nature. I think folks can’t wait to go out to the comedy shows again. When they do, they’ll find all venues in droves.

VICTOR: Is there any way people can help support comedy and entertainment venues right now?

TIMIMOUTH: I miss my guests and our guests miss me too, so i have been creating lots of fun and engaging content on social media to stay connected. i am also going to open up a streaming channel for some limited release of comedy skit that were originally planned to be released this Spring. I will be promoting them on websites and other social channels too.

VICTOR: Ironically enough, I saw one of your Facebook posts a few weeks back (during the Executive Order) where you were mentioning, Hosting an Entertainment Gig with request for folks invite, for a live chat interaction between you and other guest. Although I would have rather enjoyed a comedy show in one of your show recliners, it did make me feel connected. How possible do you think folks will fancy the online chat?.

TIMIMOUT. I have put in place lot of ideas to make the GiG more lively than expected, I have lot of line up guest who are not only base on Comedy and Entertainments, but verse in diversity. This will make us have a wonderfully time out, the GiG as been titled Matters That Matter. And lot of different expected questions to coming up from fans.

We chose the Instagram handle has best for our live chat, because of the instagram live chat communication mood.

The event will be coming up on every Fridays evening 7pm Nigeria time that is 10pm UAE, Dubai time.

Guest will be online and I will be calling on them one after the other back to back as the case may be.

We are officially kicking up this week on Friday 8th of May. Using 7pm Nigeria time. Has most my invited guest for this Friday are base in Nigeria.

I have 10 Guests in total already in my lineup this weekend


  1. Mc FINEST CFR. LOCATION…NIGERIA. [email protected]
  3. Mc Frank CFR. LOCATION…NIGERIA. [email protected]_frankcfr.
  4. FUNNY DOCTOR CFR. LOCATION…NIGERIA. [email protected]
  6. Big Mickey CFR. LOCATION…NIGERIA. [email protected]
  7. HEADBOI CFR. LOCATION… UAE DUBAI. [email protected]_uae.
  8. DEORACLE OF COMEDY CFR. LOCATION…NIGERIA. [email protected]_of_comedy
  9. Angle 90 CFR. LOCATION…NIGERIA. [email protected]
  10. TJ comedian CFR. LOCATION…NIGERIA. [email protected]_tjcomedian

I have Been encouraging fans to follow me and my guest on instagram, has we will all follow back too. To enable them be on the live chart with us. A special graphic design was made to show my seriousness on the GiG. See below

VICTOR, As you look toward the future, what’s the first thing TIMIMOUTH, You are going to do once we are back to our new normal?

TIMIMOUTH, I will be welcome my fans back.
VICTOR, Are you doing anything to help the community in regards to Covid19 at this time?

TIMIMOUTH: Among the many charities I already supported, i just made a rather sizable donation to orphanage homes. I know that food insecurity has tripled of recent. Of course, I also made a big donation to the sick too, just before all this broke loose.

VICTOR: Do you have an advice/tips can you give to other Comedian’s dealing with struggles during this time?

TIMIMOUTH: I would be proactive in reaching out to colleagues and other entertainers too, particularly if you are unable to meet your contractual obligations. I believe that there will be substantial incentives to ensure that businesses that were viable prior to this pandemic will be supported by their counterparties to ensure that they remain viable once this is in our rearview mirro.

VICTOR: Thanks timimouth for chatting with me on How had Covid19 affected your business and the industry as a whole? . I know many of us look forward to when you re-open your doors and invite us back to enjoy the great entertainment you provide.

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