General News | 2 January 2020 17:50 CET

Tatafonaija CEO, Kalada Balema Feeds 1100 Children At IDP Camp In Abuja

By Nollywood Gists

On Christmas Day, the cofounder of African Economic Congress and the CEO of Tatafonaija, Kalada Belema Meshack-hart, carried out a food drive and fed 1100 children at Durumi Internally Displaced People (IDP) camp, Abuja.

This was done as part of the initiative he started in 2018, where he fed 400 children in Lagos and 300 kids in Abuja and Rivers State.

This was borne out of a need to support the fight to end hunger and an effort to spend a special day with underprivileged kids who do not have the privilege of experiencing the warmth of family and Christmas anymore.

There have been reports on the challenges of running an IDP camp, ranging from insufficient food and relief materials to exploitation and security challenges, and most of these factors majorly affect the kids more.

Many kids found in these camps are victims of war who got there as a result of the internal crises raging in diverse parts of the country. With how overcrowded IDP camps are and the lack of sufficient basic structures for their growth and development, one is left to wonder how they are sufficiently catered for.

Let’s not forget that before getting here, these kids had families, homes, and the warmth that comes with belonging. The horrors of their present reality is unimaginable and doing anything to bring them comfort and mitigate their pain, even momentarily, is a civic responsibility. That is why this food drive was initiated in the first place, with hopes of expanding it’s reach and consistency as time goes by.

His love for kids is also another burning factor that lead to the success of this drive, with the help of the Chairman and Provost of the Durumi IDP camp in Abuja.

We look forward to doing a lot more for these kids in the future.

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