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Teni Performs As International Beauty Queen Christy Daniels Ties TheKnot With Chisom Onyeka In Glam Wedding Occasion

By Nollywood Gists

Nigeria reknowned international beauty Queen and Most Beautiful Model in Nigeria International (MBMN16/17), Her Majesty, Queen Christy Bassey Daniels has tied the knot as she was joined in holy matrimony with her delightful heartthrob during the weekend on the 28th of September at Living Faith Church, Lokogoma, FCT Abuja.

The magnificient and adorable icon of the female gender was noticed to be overwhelmed with joy, as she danced her way through the crowd with her handsome prince charming hubby, Chisom Obinna Onyeke. The wedding reception was attended by top Nigeria celebrities and beauty Queens from across Nigeria. Some of the notable faces were Nigeria toprated Afro Singer "Teni", DJ Barbie and other distinguished personalities.

According to guests, they expressed their happiness for the couples, noting that Queen Christy is one amongst a few young Nigeria Beauty Queens that ties her joy to the satisfaction and happiness of others, she really deserves the best. She has piloted several humanitarian projects to improve childcare, health development, education and other significant impact programs to help underprivileged persons across Nigeria and Africa.

The families of the Bride, Mr. and Deaconess Bassey Daniel Udofia of Nuno Iyah, Afaha Atai Ibesikpo in Ibesikpo Asutan LGA of Akwa Ibom and that of the Groom, Mr. and Mrs. Clement Anene Onyeke of Umuitodo Ufodo Enugu_Ezike in Iobo-Eze North LGA of Enugu have been joined as one family in the glamourous and well attended wedding ceremony. The traditional wedding has been held about a week ago in Akwa- Ibom state where the neccessary rites and traditions was delivered.

While expressing his congratulatory message, the MD/CEO of Amity Global Network and President of Most Beautiful Model in Nigeria Pageant hailed Queen Christy and wished her all the best in her marriage life, as well as the fullness of joy in her motherhood. He noted her impact will remain significant and indelible in the sands of time. He also encouraged her in the spirit of humanitarian gestures and called on more development programs that will further improve humanity across the globe.

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