Celebrity | 26 November 2018 11:05 CET

Actor, Emeka Ike Kick Starts Campaign as he Joins YPP for House of Reps.

Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, has finally shown full interest in politics as he has officially joined the Young progressive Party (YPP) to run for the seat at the Federal House of Representative in the South East of Nigeria.

The actor has been keenly following the political system in Nigeria and has been able to get himself affiliated with some top government officials who were part of those that motivated him into going in to make a change.

Taking his campaign train to the street, the actor state that, “Real leaders should step out to the centre stage... let's sample the stuff you are made of. Not marely sharing money with no content,” as he took his time to preach to the people on why they need to get him up there.

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