Behind the scene | 10 May 2009 07:25 CET

3 films you should see & 3 films you should ignore


Of course, we had generous view of Tonto Dike's breasts and that of others. We even saw the bottom divide and the stars in the movie are almost innumerable but please no matter how free you are, don't bother to see these movies, Dangerous Beauty and Before the rain.

They are only fit for the trash. The movie started with how pious born again Tonto Dike and Chika Ike met Van Vicker and how they gained admission and their lives were redefined by events and peers pressure. Of course, it is the kind of story you get from Nollywood, but this one was badly told. It is the kind of story Nigerians described as story with K-leg. It was so unconvincingly told that we had to hiss all through the duration of watching the movie. And to say that the movie ran from part one to part four was like adding salt to injury. The biggest part of the decep- tion is that the movies had the biggest kind of stars you dream of in movies.

Imagine stars like, Tonto Dike, Desmond Elliot, Chika Ike, Van Vicker, Halimar Abubakar and the likes. It is the worst movies this writer has seen. Kindly watch out for the reviews of these movies on this page soon. Another movie you should try as much as possible to avoid is 'Angeli Mi'. It is the Nigerian version of Pretty Woman, the film by Angelina Jolie. It parades stars like Femi Adebayo, Funke Akindele and one other actress. The casts were poor version of the real stars, Julia Roberts, Kathleen Turner and Anthony Perkins and it is a shame on Nollywood that we've not grown beyond the level where we have to copy foreign movies 'word-for-word'. I don't know if the artistes know the origin of the story.

If they had known, it would have been a shame. It ridiculed their stardom and insulted the audience's collective responsibility. Despite these bad movies, we still have movies we can beat our chest for. They are movies we can recommend and boldly say if you don't enjoy we shall return your money. Iro Funfun is the first on our list. It has been a long while that we've seen a movie this qualitative in terms of story, acting and picture. If you don't like Femi Adebayo, the producer of this movie, you are bound to have a change of heart. Femi is fast growing in reputation and some of us are developing the habit of picking movies that have him on the cover.

The dialogue in this movie is second to none and the acting is out of this world. Femi and Funke did well and we know it won't take long for rumour-mongers to rekindle the age-long rumour of romantic relationship between them. Farayola, which parades the three leading actresses in the industry, Bukky Wright, Fathia Balogun and Funke Akindele is a movie with good storyline and convincing acting. Because this is not a movie review, we would spare you the details of the story.

But we would tell you boldly that this is a movie you should watch. It goes against the norm and still makes lots of sense. Oba Asa, the controversial movie by Saheed Balogun, part two of which would be released tomorrow is a must watch for lovers of good movies. It parades over 50 stars and all of them lived up to expectation. A marketer once boasted to us that the movie would redefine movie mak- ing in Nigeria. If the standard that Saheed has set in Modupe Temi and Gbogbo Ere is anything to go by, the marketer might not be wrong. From next week, we shall begin to run the reviews of these movies.

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