Celebrities Birthday | 1 October 2018 17:19 CET

Legendary Singer, Bright Chimezie Turns 58 with Nigeria

Not all the youths of today will know the name Bright Chimezie, but some who were born in the 80s will be familiar with his music as he sang till the late 90s before other genres of music started taking over.

Bright Chimezie also known as the ZIGGIMA cruiser, who happens to be one of the living legend and one who keeps advocating for good music could not hide his joy of a new age as he turns 58 years of age with his beloved country Nigeria.

Expressing his happiness, he wrote, “Creator of heaven and earth, My good lord, I thank you for the life, good health and protection you have given to me all these years, May your name be praised. To my fans all over the world, your prayers, support and love has been like engine oil lubricating the ZIGGIMA Machine. May the good lord continue to bless all of you. I Am 58 years old today, I just feel like cruising, You can call me ZIGGIMA cruiser!!!!”

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