Calabash | 1 October 2018 11:09 CET

Actress, Georgina Onuoha Prays for Nigeria as it Turns 58

Some Nigerians may have lost hope in the country but the likes of actress, Georgina Onuoha, who might be living outside the country still has strong hopes for the country.

There is hunger in the land and the high rate of poverty has really increased with many graduates in the labour market without jobs and violence has taken over the land yet there is still hope for the country no matter how little it might be.

Georgina had to share a heartfelt prayer for the country as it celebrates its 58th year independence.

According to her, “October 1st!! Happy Independence Day to my homeland and country of birth. My roots, my home. As we celebrate today, may we all reflect upon what binds us together as a people and as a nation. Lord give us Peace, give us good leaders, console the suffering, poor and needy who suffer and hunger in the midst of plenty. Today I will say this beautiful prayer for my country;

“Father in Heaven, You always provide for all Your creatures so that all may live as you have willed. You have blessed our country Nigeria with rich human and natural resources to be used to Your honour and glory and for the well-being of every Nigerian. We are deeply sorry for the wrong use of these Your gifts and blessings through act of injustice, bribery and corruption, as a result of which many of our people are hungry, sick ignorant and defenceless. Father, You alone can heal us and our nation of this sickness.

“We beg you, touch our lives and the lives of our leaders and people so that we may all realise the evil of bribery and corruption and work hard to eliminate it. Raise up for us God fearing people and leaders who care for us and who will lead us in the part of peace, prosperity and progress. We ask the through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. God bless Nigeria, God bless her people, God bless my homeland.”

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