Celebrities Birthday | 18 September 2018 10:28 CET

Comedian, Bovi Celebrates wife as She Turns a Year Older

If there is one person that knows comedian, Bovi’s mumu button then that person happens to be his pretty wife and as such, he is ever ready to do anything to make her happy.

The comedian’s heart has been filled with joy as his woman turns a year older and above that, at her age 30, she has welcomed three kids and still looking take away.

The simple truth is that Bovi is not ready for more children as he hopes to enjoy his woman till old age.

“Happy birthday to my baby mama krisasi Monye . She’s got four kids. She adopted the first one (that’s me) and then gave birth to three. Now she’s turned 30 and it’s time to have fun for the rest of her life!” he wrote.

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