General News | 26 May 2018 12:51 CET

Actor, Adeniyi Johnson Bereaved, Loses Only Sister

Nollywood actor, Adeniyi Johnson, is not in the right mood to play as the actor is currently bereaved having lost his only sister.

The actor shared the sad news in his social media handle where he disclosed that he is officially single alone in this world without any family member.

Sharing the sad news, the actor wrote, “It's just you and I for over 33yerars, we both have good promises for our mum, I know the struggle and pains and how hard it’s been, we both wanted the best out of life but why do you have to leave me all by myself at this moment? no brother no sister just me alone.. I write with tears and pains, I write because I need to pour out my mind, you see us and all. We love you and want you around for long, I knew I'll bury you but was hoping for 60-70 more years egbon mi... I love you, we love you but God loves you more ... pls pray for my mum.... goodnight ADERONKE VICTORIA BABALOLA.”

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