Nollywood At Large | 24 May 2018 12:46 CET

If you don’t have a Hustler’s mentality your Degree is a Waste…Actress, Nadia Buari Warns

Not many will have believe in real hustle as some would think money or success is easy to come by but for some celebs that have struggled to the top like actress, Nadia Buari, it’s all about being real.

The actress might be living large but she did not just wake up to meet the money in her bank account rather she ensured that she struggled to make a good name for herself in the Ghana movie industry and today she can say she deserves some accolades.

Motivating her fans recently, the actress stressed that no matter the degree one has in life if the hustler to get there is not in mind, nothing can be achieved.

In her words, “you can have all the degrees in the world, but if u don’t have a hustler’s mentality, ambition and common sense, u’ll be lost!”

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