AMEBO | 12 April 2018 13:17 CET

What could Actor Ibrahim Chatta be looking at in hot Sun

Hmm, our Nollywood stars or let’s say entertainers in general are really exposed to a lot of things o especially with the opposite sex but the show must go on.

They try in entertaining their fans with their skills but sometimes when they are having fun with their colleagues (opposite sex) they are kind of tempted like what we are seeing in this picture.

Don’t blame my eyes o, it is based on what I see that I am writing though. Actor, Ibrahim Chatta, really had tough time while on set but it comes with the job and after they were through, they decided to have group picture but his eyes were focusing on something else if you will agree with me.

Maybe you can help in predicting what he was looking at because I am not really sure as he could have been looking at the ground to gain good balance.

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