Hot Issues | 3 April 2018 18:05 CET

Actress, Kate Henshaw Laments about Soot in Rivers State

Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, is not happy with the things are going wrong in Nigeria yet the government of the day is doing nothing.

The actress is seriously bittered about the soot that has taken over some parts of Rivers state yet the government is still silent over it while lives are being perish by the day.

Soot is actually a deep black powdery or flaky substance consisting largely of amorphous carbon, produced by the incomplete burning of organic matter.

According to the actress, “This soot matter in Rivers State. We leave so many things to chance in this country.... So many things. What about children, men and women who live there?? What is being done about the soot in River's State?? My brother says, you wipe your face with a white hanky and it turns black instantly!!!”

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