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It’s sad How Female Celebs Live Fake Lives Then Get Battered by Men…Actor, John Njamah

Nollywood actor and producer, John Njamah, is currently not happy with the trend of domestic violence going on in the country especially in his industry.

In attempting to count the list off celebs with broken homes in the past few months or years is just endless as this has called for serious concern.

Each day, fans of the Nigerian entertainment industry wake up to various sad news about broken homes of some of these celebs and one begins to wonder what the real problem is.

Maybe there would have been an internal solution to save the union but due to the fact that the parties involved had taken it to social media then makes everything so complicating beyond repair.

For John, is anger is on the ladies who failed to have seen the hand writings on the wall that things are already getting bad but get carried away

According to John, “WOMEN!!.. why can't our women learn!?.. it seems the more you advise them the more difficult it becomes for them to comprehend.. Gosh!!.. we need to introduce social media classes so that these women and the younger women to come will understand how not to throw their entire lives out there... now all they want to do is SLAY and splash photos on insta when the home front is not so rossy and when the STUPID women beater do their thing, you come crying to us.. THE HAND WRITING HAS BEEN ON THE WALL FOR YOU TO SEE GIRL... but no!! U must marry that man that has plenty money, or that footballer that can splash u with your greedy needs.. or that politician that takes you on trips around the world and Batters you in the process.

“But you will rather stay in the marriage because of the shame it might bring you when the rest of the world knows how it is for you, with all the lies you have told in the past. Honesty!!.. this false life is getting too much on our women..(especially my sisters in the entertainment industry) you life!.. work hard!!. Be a proud woman and don't allow these stupid men to use you!. NOW YOU WANT US TO PITY YOU!.. YOU BROUGHT THIS UPON URSELF GIRL!.. there is a strong need for us to talk to our women.. over the past 2 years, domestic violence cases has risen to 65%. YOU ALL NED TO BE CAREFUL.. and to those IDIOTS!.. those women beaters that call themselves men, those MEN that don't have shame, those "men" that are heartless enuff to raise their hands and beat a woman to pulp remember that you hav daughters, sisters and mothers too.. its a vicious cycle nd it will come back to you.. WAKE UP GIRLS!!... WAKE UP!! #domesticViolence ”

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