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I’ve Never Liked the Idea of Marriage…Actor, Ik Ogbonna’s Wife Reveals

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Fans have so far fallen in love with the wife of Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna, Sonia, on how blunt she is especially with her various write-ups on social media.

Sonia has decided to make her fans know that she does not read things she writes from any book rather, they are personal lessons leant on her journey through life.

In her words, “"Couple Goals" is the greatest illusion of 21st century. U think someone's life is perfect because of a nice picture on IG. Lol. My friends, my wisdom didn't come from books. My write ups are result of many lessons I have learnt from my struggle, pain and frustration. However, I choose to keep it real because there is light in truth & we don't have to feel like losers just because things don't seem to be perfect all the time. Honestly, I have never liked the idea of marriage, I hated it cuz it seemed like a zone where we appreciate nothing and demand for everything just because. Even today I feel like the whole "marriage" thing is not there to serve us, but to serve society by impacting tones of norms that are meant to control us, lock us inside the box and decide what is wrong and right on our behalf. It took me time, tears, depression, endless arguments and literally madness to understand the purpose of two people coexisting together. But it clicked somehow, somewhere. UNION. Just two people and their own world. I do love the idea of deep, HONEST friendship that forgives imperfections and helps us grow and become better.

“But Im also aware that that's something we gradually need to learn how to apply in real life. At times we all forget to count blessings for a moment or two. We become greedy, we seek for flows, we forget to appreciate. We demand love but we don't ask ourselves if we are giving it out as well. Many times I forgot to give credit to this man of mine for everything that he is. Do you know how difficult I am to handle? Strong minded woman with revolution on her mind 24/7. Lol. Average man's pride can't deal with me. Ever. I made many mistakes but the biggest one is not appreciating u every moment of my day. Thank you for babysitting me from the time I was barely 23I know its not easy dealing with a savage like me that doesn't like being tamed/"submissive" (I hate that bloody word) And freedom u gave me is the highest proof of love u have for me.Nothing is perfect about us,but at the end of the day we always remember to go back on the right track whenever we get lost. I love you Boss.”

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