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Igbos are not Pythons, They Pursue Justice…Actor, Ugezu J Ugezu Blasts Nig. Govt

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actor cum producer, Ugezu J Ugezu, has joined his voice with his igbo brothers to criticize the act meted out on unharmed igbo citizens by the Nigerian military recently.

The actor took time to call the attention of the Nigerian leaders and its citizens on past situations which has taken place in the country yet nothing was done.

Read below his argument;
(PYTHON DANCE) There was Ife/Modakeke war, no operation Monkey dance. Hausa/Yoruba war in Ile-ife, no operation Anaconda dance. A cult group called Badoo emerged from nowhere and killed over a hundred souls in Ikorodu-Lagos, no operation fowl dance. Fulani herdsmen invaded Taraba and souls were lost in hundreds, no operation elephant dance. Villages were nearly wiped out in areas occupied by TIVs in Benue state which propmted Gov Otorm to say"my people have been pushed to the wall to the extent that I may not be able to convince them not to defend themselves, yet no operation tortoise dance.

Over 400 people were gruesomely murdered in Agatu Local Govt area of Benue State by Fulani herdsmen,no operation fox dance. In Southern Kaduna, uncountable number of innocent men, women and children were slaughtered in blood-daylight. But we never heared of this new dance by the noble Nigeria Army rather apostle Johnson Suleman who spoke up was summoned to explain what he knew about the Kaduna killings. In Plateau state, it was a killing spray, kill anyone at sight. There was no proliferation of arms neither was anyone nor groups prosecuted, yet no operation dragon dance

The Abuja/Kaduna road has turned a kidnapping den, former ministers, former Senators etc have been kidnapped, no operation fish-them out dance

In Nasarawa State, over 50 police men were mysteriously slaughtered by the Ombatse people, but there was no known operation turkey dance. No one passes through Lokoja/Okene roads anymore, its either you are kidnapped or you are robbed; no one remembers operation tolotolo dance. How do i count them? how do i count all the evils that happened under your very own nose? how do I explain it that of all the vices you claimed you watched from your sick bed in London, the only one that deserves crushing is the ones you described as 'miscreants' in the south east? It’s only in the South East the military experiments operation python dance with different categories of pythons. Thank God you know YOU ARE PYTHONS DANCING. We are not pythons. We don't dance, we pursue justice. But note Sir... NO MASQUERADE DANCES FOREVER. (Copied & Modified)

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