Hot Issues | 3 August 2017 08:57 CET

Some Celebs pretend a lot that is Why They have Failed Marriages…Actor, Jude Orhorha

Nollywood actor and secretary of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Jude Orhorha’s marriage clocked 10years in July 7, that at this point, he is in better position to advice others on how to manage a home.

Although divorce cases are everywhere but for those in the limelight which are the celebrities, it saddens the heart of many to see their once happy home crumbling beyond repair and for Jude, he believes lack of communication and understanding is the problem.

Jude explained that some of these celebs pretend to be who they are not and when they eventually get married, they display their true colour.

Speaking with on why failed marriage is now common among some celebrities, he said, “Communication and understanding, these are the two words I can actually use to describe it. Communication is key. If that communication is not there hmm, there is no time for long stories because these are just the basic thing. For you to even say you want to marry someone, you should know the person inside out but some of them pretend, they get married, they show their true colour, or how long will you pretend?”

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