AMEBO | 1 July 2017 10:59 CET

Actress, Beverly Naya Set to be Wife Number 2 if…..

Will it be proper to say that year 2017, in Nigeria is a year of DM’s on social media and the reward is always fantastic some case but not like that of Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya.

Beverly was shocked recently to have gotten a Dm from a married man asking her o be his wife number two.

Sharing the screen shot on her social media page, the actress was embarrassed at what the man wrote simple because he had little argument with his wife and now looking for a second wife.

The man even went further to make her know that once he marries her as wife number two, he is not taking in any other woman as his dream two wives will be living together under same roof with him.

He has promised to break the news to his wife gradually as she will have no choice but to accept it even when Beverly has not given her consent to his proposal.

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