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Nigerians Angry over Movie of Late Actress, Moji Olaiya ‘Canada to Grave,’

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Just few weeks after the burial of late Nollywood actress, Moji Olaiya, a movie has been released titled 'Canada to Grave,' which has the picture of the actress inserted in the advert.

Some well-meaning Nigerians have cried out for such a movie which they feel does not speak well and should have never come into the screens in the first place.

According to findings, the movie is from the stables of Swaga TV and Bayowa Films & Records, as thy have come to clear the air that they had no intention to sell it on DVD as those who ignited the allegations did so from their imaginations and people should disregard such rumour.

According to actor, Yomi Fabiyi, who came to clear the air on the matter, “Please permit us to add that we have no such powers to decide for bloggers or any media platforms their choice of captions or POS. We however made a humble request for a change or edit of the title but we were told the footage has been rendered and uploaded for their viewers. They apologize to any who feels offended as they maintained no malice was intended with the caption and they will never do anything to hurt the deceased or anyone.”

He also used the opportunity to state that the burial committee of the late actress never sold any T-shirts as a representative of the family opted to sell T-shirts with the consent of the family and they only asked us to help them notify her fans.

Let me use this medium to also clarify again that the Committee did not sell T-shirts. A representative of the family opted to sell T-shirts with the consent of the family and they only asked us to help them.

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