Meet Nollywood Stars | 25 May 2017 12:41 CET

Yoruba Actress, Yewande Omo Elemosho Reveals Why She Does not Have Scandals

Some Nollywood actresses have been trailed with various scandals that sometimes affect their careers but for versatile Yoruba actress, Yewande Omo Elemosho, she has tricks that have made her stay scandal free.

Happily married, the actress stated that people find it hard to here bad news about her because of her educational background which is journalism as it has helped shaped her to fame.

She explained that being a trained journalist, she knows what people want to read and what they don’t read so she uses that perception to move her life the way it should be and that has helped her a lot.

Speaking with Yorubamoviegist, she said, “I read Mass Communication in school, so if I am not an actress I will probably be interviewing you right now. I didn’t dump Journalism, everything works accordingly because the course has even allowed me to be a better actress and it has allowed me to manage fame better.

“I have an idea what the media feeds on, what they don’t want to see or the ones they want to see. If I am working as a journalist I know the kind of news I want to carry. Being a Journalist has actually helped me to keep my profile as an actress.”

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