General News | 1 April 2017 09:58 CET

I Was Very Hot tempered But I Prayed, I Got Healed…Uti Nwachukwu

Recently, popular TV host and former Big Brother winner, Uti Nwachukwu, asked a controversial question which was related to the way Pastors now perform miracles in churches these days and the responses he got were very intriguing.

Uti who also dabbles as an actor, asked that fans should point a part in the Holy Bible where it is written that Jesus touched someone and blew air from his mouth and then the person or people fell down considering how it is being done in churches today.

As usual, he expected to get bashed by those that understood the Bible well and while some saw reasons in what he said, some rather took the back seat to read replies and various Bible passages being quoted to back up the blowing of air.

He gave various reasons why he cannot key into such practices as he used the medium to disclose that there was a time he was sick and the doctors told his mum that he had only few minutes to live and his mother could not help it but went in silent prayers in the hospital there and here he is today.

He further added that he has always been a very hot tempered fellow but he prayed to God to heal him without the help of any Pastor and it worked.

“I was very hot tempered and I have asked Jesus to heal me! Without the help of any pastor and it worked. My mum was told I had few minutes to live. She called on Jesus alone in my hospital room and I woke up the next morning, no pastor was involved,” he revealed.

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