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I’m Disappointed at Kemen’s Actions…Actress, Kate Henshaw

It is still painful to many Nigerians and supporters of Kemen, who was recently disqualified from the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, over an offensive act committed on fellow contestant TBoss.

The duo were sleeping on the same bed and Kemen being who he is got carried away by her beauty and closeness to him and decided to have fun while she was sleeping and he was caught on camera.

While many are still airing their view on the act, Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, has disclosed that she is disappointed that Kemen could come this far in the house and then mess up.

Like one of the commenter did say, “Moral of the story...if you wanna succeed in life, park woman first, after all no one knew David loved women when he was a shepherd, until he became king.” (laughs, Nigerian got no chill)

uniquehairsng : @k8henshaw Aunty you are here. The issue pained you sha. It is sad. This stigma will stay for a long time

k8henshaw : @uniquehairsng I am truly disappointed
dukeofbarking @k8henshaw Good to see you here and your views as well. God can still give him a better life. I have seen people that got blessed after falling down. Kemen is not the first to fall but our people are very judgemental.

k8henshaw : @dukeofbarking I know everyone can's truly a sad development. If people are judgemental it is because that is human nature. That is why man no be God!! We should try as much as possible not to put ourselves in a situation where we cannot defend ourselves...Not easy but we should try.

diamondblaque : D mistake has been made weda he's at fault or not let's just pray God helps him, not really his fan BT I feel his pain. E no easy to live wit such stigma xpecially in NAIJA. @k8henshaw God bless for sharing your view on dis @kemen_fitness u need Grace to move on

k8henshaw : @diamondblaque it won't be easy but I pray he is truly contrite....

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