Hot Issues | 15 December 2016 06:44 CET

Singer, MC Galaxy Loses N25 Million, Accuses Manager

Some Nigerian entertainers sure know how to take advantage of every situation to get publicity either good or bad and singer, MC Galaxy is one of those whose words cannot be easily taken by many.

The singer recently disclosed that he just lost about N25 Million to Ponzi scheme MMM, after he took his manager’s advice to invest in it.

According to him, “That moment when you waiting for January 2017. God cover me over my enemies and mmm, 25m na waooo! My manager Wole Ogundare push me to this shaking my head #sad.”

But, with his personality and growth in the music industry, does anyone really believe that he can invest such an amount into such scheme and besides, what was he up to in the first place?

Well, many Nigerians who have invested in the scheme are currently in fear of losing their money after it was announced that account of its investors had been frozen till January 2017.

There is still panic everywhere as some students had invested their school fees in it with the hope of getting help to balance their payment while some used their house rent money and other money for other projects to invest.

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