Meet Nollywood Stars | 3 November 2016 06:41 CET

After Facing Hard Times, Actress, Sapphire Obi Goes into ‘Labour Room’

There is nothing as sweet as having a nice and wonderful family around and also excelling in ones craft and for Nollywood actress, Sapphire Ogodo, the year 2016, has rather been a good one for her.

The actress has not had it rosy both in the industry and her personal life as she has been trailed with various negative rumours yet she has been able to remain focus and now she has been smiling all the way.

She told that there was a time she stayed without movie scripts coming her way that’s he almost thought that might be the end of her career but having faith in God, things suddenly turned around.

In her words, “see ehn, there was a time earlier in the year where I thought it was almost over for me in Nollywood because movie scripts were not coming and life became difficult even with my personal life and being a single mother, I only had to put my challenges in the hands of God. I discussed with a very close friend of mine who told me not to worry and be calm that very soon I will get scripts and smile o the bank and it indeed happened.”

Being greatful for having a good career, the actress used the opportunity to kick start her foundation which is geared at helping youths with talents and also their academic lives and aside just that, she has also delved into her own movie production with the anticipation of wonderful cast in the movie titled ‘Labour Room.’

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