Touch Of Thoughts | 1 October 2016 19:28 CET

8 Mistakes You Make In Bed That Makes Your s*x Life Boring


Women often cry about s*x and things her man does wrong in the bed, So we thought it’s time we tell her the most common mistakes that she makes.

1.Worrying too much about how you look
Women being women want to play perfect at all times. Let loose! Enjoy the act. No one is secretly shooting you for the next edition of Playboy.

2.Playing the submissive one
Well, men wooing women sounds really good but is it necessary only they doing the wooing part? why noy you ladies? Learn to play out of your comfort zone ladies! After all s*x is an act that involves two!

3.Trying to talk after the act
The man is ripped of his energy pleasing you in the bed. So let him rest for some time before you start talking.

4.Don’t smash their egos
If you didn’t like anything about what he did in bed, don’t make him feel like he is doing it wrong. Guidance is fine but don’t crush his ego while doing the same. s*x is a pretty serious thing for men too.

5.Go down! Please
While you love it when he goes down on you but when he wants the same, you look for ways to escape that. Do him a favour. For all the hard work that he puts in to please you in the bed, let him enjoy a good sucking session too.

6.Don’t use teeth!
When you happily go down on him, please make sure you don’t treat it like a candy, where you go from licking and chewing to biting. As a rule, don’t use your teeth.

7.Hygiene please
Hygiene is a must and this goes for both men and women. Keep it clean down there. And by clean we don’t necessarily mean, clean shaven. Some men like their women to have hair down there. And if you have infection, say that before.

8.Too much melodrama
Too much melodrama puts your man off. When a man brings you to bed and starts playing with you hair, be happy and participate.

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