Nollywood Media | 29 August 2016 11:16 CET

Top 3 Myths About Life Outside Nigeria

By Jumia Travel

A majority of Nigerians travel out of the country on a regular basis, in search of greener pasture. With the current economic situation, the percentage of citizens struggling to leave the nation has skyrocketed. From applying to menial jobs abroad, travelling to marry foreign women for papers, to acquiring fake travel documents, some Nigerians (mostly members of the labour force) now adopt all sorts of desperate measures to ensure they find a life across the borders. The belief is that abroad, jobs are easier to get, transportation is cheaper and faster, electricity is constant, health care is top priority and security is much more guaranteed….but how true are these beliefs?

Jumia Travel , Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal reveals top 3 myths about life outside Nigeria.

It is easier to get a job abroad
A large percentage of Nigerian graduates are currently either unemployed or doing derogatory jobs. The blame is placed on lack of jobs, high expectations from employers and corruption in the sense that you basically need connection to make it in Nigeria.

What these people who believe this notion fail to consider is that there are even more unemployed people in most of these foreign countries and also, as you need connection to make it in Nigeria, you need to be connected to the right people to get quality information that will elevate your status in those foreign countries too. They travel and end up stranded without jobs and worse, unable to return home.

You have access to basic amenities
The first thing anyone looking to travel out to maybe the US, the UK or even Australia would tell you is that they would at least have access to basic amenities which include water, light, quality healthcare, easy transportation e.t.c Off course there is a level of truth to this assumption, however, they fail to consider that these amenities are not accessed for free. The bills that are racked up while accessing these basic amenities can be overwhelming for even the rich in those societies.

Basically, the amenities are stable and standard, but at what cost? You find in the end that you may never get the opportunity to save as you have to pay bills for everything basically, including water. The hospitals offer proper diagnosis and treatment, but these services are only subsidized for their own citizens and only if they have social security and have good insurance.

Your status and social class appreciates
A majority of Nigerians have that firm belief that travelling outside the country automatically elevates their status and they now become of a higher social class. They expect that their families and friends back at home not only expects them to send down more money, but starts to see them in a different light and treats them with more respect and prestige. Unfortunately, this is a myth as migration has little or no effect on a person’s status or social class.

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