Meet Nollywood Stars | 14 July 2016 16:00 CET

Actor, Gentle Jack in War Front (photos)


One of Nollywood's most vibrant actors, Gentle Jack, has emerged as one actor who still believes that the country can do well when it comes to action movies and he has been able to maintain that standard for himself.

 Gentle Jack, is rarely seen acting romantic movies as majority of his scripts are action related which tends to show the hard side of the actor but hey, off set, he is a very playful father who spends more time with his family.

Since relocating from Lagos to Port Harcourt, fans have wondered about his whereabouts. Not missing in action, Jack has chosen to pitch his tent by trying give his best to the Nigerian movie industry and this time, the actor is currently shuttling between various movie set as he has just finished work on set the movie 'After The War' which stars the like of Kelvin Eduba and other stars.

One thing very unique about Gentle Jack, has to be his character control when it comes to action movies and on his latest set, dressed in the Military Uniform shows how good his kind can be of help in fighting crime in the country.

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