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Val’s Day: What Celebrities Are Saying

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There is love in the air. Can you feel it? Well, tomorrow is lovers' day, that is, St. Valentine's Day. But St. Valentine's Day means different things to different people. To some, it is a special day, but to others, it is just like any other day. http://nollywoodgists.com spoke with stars and celebrities on what Valentine is to them and how they intend to spend their day.

Rachael Oniga: I don't have a Val.

Valentine's day is lovers' day. It is a day to show love to friends and family. So, tomorrow, I will be taking my children out, we will have a nice time. Right now, I don't have a Val but in the absence of none, I will celebrate with my children, at least, they are my Val.

Tunji Bamishigbin: It is not a special day.

Well Valentine's Day is a phenomenon which a lot of people believe is lovers' day. Honestly, I can not speak much about it and it does not really matter to me.

My mood would decide how I spend my Val's day. I may probably go out with my family tomorrow.

Honestly, I think we should stop all these wasteful spending and concentrate on something positive.

If Americans are suffering an economic depression, Nigeria should be afraid and spend quality time on quality things like the future of our children and not one Val's day.

Yemi Ayebo a.k.a.Yemi my lover: It is like any other day.

Valentine's Day is like any other day. So, how I spend my Val depends on my programme for the day. If I am not too busy, I could go out with my daughter but if I am engaged, I will be out working.

Do you know that friends often remind me of my birthday. So, Val is for the boys and since I am not a boy but man, it is no big deal.

Rhitheousman, Reggae Star: It is a special day.

Val's day is a day to appreciate loved ones, especially the less-privileged by showing them the kind of love Jesus Christ showed to us over 2000 years ago.

Uche Jombo: I won't disclose my Val.

I will spend my Val in Paris, France, then move to London where I will briefly do a job before coming back home on Monday.

I won't disclose my Val now. He knows himself, but you will know him when the time comes. It is a top secret.

Bukky Wright: I will be busy.

Well, I will be busy preparing for the launch of the movie, Omotara Johnson, which will be premiered on Sunday. So, the movie is somehow my Val but apart from that, my kids are my Val.

Stella Damasus: My kids are my Val.

The best gift I have are my kids. So, spending precious time with them gives me the joy and satisfaction that I need. They are obviously my Val, no doubt about that.

On Valentine's Day, I intend to go to a less-privileged home with my box guitar, give them gifts and entertain them.

It is not a day to drink or smoke, or look for new girlfriends; showing love is what one does everyday. It is not a special day.

Nyanya Mbuk, Winner, Project Fame: It is a season of love.

Val's day is a day to show love to loved ones. As for me, I will be busy tomorrow with a couple of shows and to promote my new single. Though I believe in Valentine,I won't have the time to spend it with anybody tomorrow.

Yeni Kuti, Fela's daughter: It is not in my culture.

Valentine is not in African culture. It is a borrowed culture from the white people. I will spend it like any other day because I have always been celebrating.

As for tomorrow, I will be going out with my lover. We will have a nice time but as for Val, it is unAfrican.

Esther Igbekele, Gospel artiste: It is no big deal.

Tomorrow's Valentine is no big deal to me. I will spend it like any other day because I don't have anybody to spend it with.

Instead of wasting the day, I will take my kids out in the morning and I will go out for an engagement later in the day.

Femi Opalemo, King of Gospel: I will be working.

Valentine's Day is lovers' day but I don't believe in it as an artiste because I share love with everybody. As for tomorrow, I will be working at my studio (Femoral Studio) on my new album.

Abiola Atanda a.k.a Madam Kofo: It is alien to our system.

I will be busy today Friday but on Valentine's Day, I will be at home with my children. I may take them out to have fun.

But honestly, Val is an alien culture.

Yemi Solade: I will celebrate with my dog.

Valentine is like any ordinary day but because of the mood, I will not be left out in celebrating tomorrow's Val. I will celebrate it with my family by taking them out, I mean my wife and my kids including my dog, Paloma.

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