Nollywood Media | 5 July 2016 09:00 CET

Are you Antichrist? Freeze asked a Fan who hates his Sermon


While most of us are getting ready for Sunday service, Cool FM OAP Freeze is busy talking to those who have no plan of attending any religious function. A Nigerian who must have been angered by the sermons from Freeze decided to speak out.

"Cool FM needs to scrap that early morning preaching by Freeze. It makes no absolute sense to me," the person told Freeze.

"Sorry bro, according to statistics 650,000 people listened in today alone with only you complaining. Are you Antichrist?" Freeze responded.

This is not the first time that Freeze has been lashed by a fan. Last year, a fan had bluntly told him.

"Sir, I respect you but sometimes talk out of point. You sometimes talk like you are not a journalist"

Will this stop Freeze from talking? We don't see that happening anytime soon because that is where he eats from.

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