Fashion | 21 June 2016 12:30 CET

Having New Hair Does not Affect my Brain in making Good Beats…Puffy Tee


Popular Nigerian beat maker, Damilola better known as Puffy Tee, since returning to Nigeria sometime in 2015, has not been relenting in making his presence known in the music industry.

During his time in the industry before leaving the country his beats were never left unnoticed especially making hit sounds for singer, Olu Maintain's 'Yahoozee.'

Recently, he decided to join the trend of celebs who are trying to define their styles by following various trends like having tattoos, been known for a particular style of dressing , hair style and others but for Puffy Tee, he chose a new hair style for himself.

He now goes on dreads and he also made it known that having new hair does not affect him producing good beats.”New look loading, beat no be problem.”

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