Nollywood Affairs | 14 June 2016 12:30 CET

Marriage based on wrong standards never works… IK Ogbonna reveals

Source: Hope Efoghe/

IK Ogbonna is a popular Nollywood actor who has won awards and accolades for his good works.

The light skin actor, who is also a model, is married to a Colombian woman who has a son for him called Ace.

His wife Sonia Ogbonna has blended into Nigerian culture perfectly, and one would even think she is a Nigerian from birth.

The couple is known for always breaking the internet with their sexy pictures as they waste no time in showing the world how much they truly love each other.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, the actor disclosed that many people marries for the wrong reason, but he is glad that since he got married, everything have been working perfectly for him.

In his words: “marriage based on a wrong standards never works, when you want to get married, pray to God to direct you, you will always have success. Whoever marries for the wrong reasons will always have problems. I am doing fine in every field in my life since I got married.”

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