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I am physically challenged Without My Outfits- Denrele

Source: Nollywoodgists.com

The good news is that Denrele is warming up for marriage. The weird one whose fashion sense and hairdo turn head has said that he will be physically challenged if he moves without his costume. There was a time he thought of doing that but he has not gotten the courage to do away with his outfits and shoes.

He said “The thought that I would wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and find no hair on my head has played in my mind a few times. If it ever happens, there would be a big problem but it only means that I will just invest in a lot of wigs. It would be very painful to me because I love the hair but I always try and turn every negativity into positivity. “

“My hair is my saving grace because I am really tiny. I am physically challenged if I remove the shoes, take off the clothes, pack my hair, you will not see me. You will begin to wonder where I went; in fact breeze can just blow me away. So this holds me firm to the ground,” he said.

Talking about getting married “Marriage is all about cordial communication. Anybody that I have found and want to marry that tries to change me would just be sent back to their family house and I will collect my bride price. It cannot happen because at the end of the day, we would be hungry at home and we would be looking at ourselves. It cannot happen. Marriage would definitely not tone me down and I would still remain the person that I am. I know that there is always that factor of staying true to one person which we are working on but we are getting there,” he said.

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